Why Bother?


New Year Hope, my aunt Fanny. This week alone has been a bad news buffet big enough to swamp Las Vegas. It’s enough to make you want to drink and self-medicate. Heavily.

I am fighting the good fight to sustain some sense of optimism, folks. But it is a challenge to find reasons to whistle, much less smile.

Why bother?

Yes, why bother. My spirit celebrity Bette Midler tapped into that angst as a joke back “in the day” on her comedy album “Mud Will Be Flung Tonight.”

I find a certain beauty in it now.

This depression ain’t lifting. Man, I need to find my inner N.W.A. now. Weeks of bad have taken their toll. Family. Politics. Dating. All of it is one big bag of nutters with people miserable in their own lives, determined to drag us all down in this winter of discontentment.

I can’t eat it away. I can’t laugh it way. I sure as hell can’t date it away.

Ah, hell. I know what I have to do.

As for the rest?

Why bother?