We do need another hero…or at least respect the one we elected. 

I am starting to believe that many of us as Americans don’t want a transformed nation. Too many of us want to keep things as they are: divisive, myopic, ignorant, intolerant and complicit in maintaining an inequitable financial bottom line. 

Many people around the world risk their lives to be heard, to vote. To see sectors of the media lambast Obama on his comment makes me sad. This narrative of disrespect against our chosen leader is trolling taken to the next level. 

I know it’s more fun to extol the virtues of a girl fight on “Empire.” But, for the sake of mankind, we need to care about our futures again as our ruling parties prefer to fiddle as Rome burns. 

Will the person with a smart idea and the compassion/courage to see it through please step forward and save us from ourselves before this vortex of contempt spin us into oblivion?