I won’t be giving Mark Zuckerberg any more reasons to exploit my life! Hahaha.

Yet, the truth is Facebook hasn’t been about kitten videos, unicorns, or anything fun in a long ass time. It’s “Big Little Lies” as a newsfeed. Yes, I know I’ve contributed my fair share of vitriol, politically motivated or not. Worse, I know I’ve had a hand in stirring the pot of hate a few times, too. Truth be told, I just don’t like what Facebook has done to my psyche anymore. That is why I’ve decided to pull my support of Facebook. It seems the rock has been moved and the ants of the apocalypse are running rampant all over its pages.

I’m just one micro voice, but I am honored and privileged to have had people encourage it and support my efforts to be a conduit for sharing insights, jokes, comments, words of support, debate, and everything in between.

Aside from the growing Cambridge Analytica scandal, it was reading comments that slut shamed the porn stars that have liaised with our oh-so American president that did me in. Reading variations of such comments as, “Did it happen in office? No. So what’s the problem?” made want to throat punch people. Again! That was just on a random Tuesday!

I can’t reconcile the inanity of what we post against the insanity of what we’re living. It’s all too much. Perhaps I am taking this all too seriously, but that’s my prerogative. We have far better and more insightful means of communicating with each other. I’d like to explore those opportunities a bit further.

Community exists in many forms now. I did enjoy what Facebook brought into my world and vice versa. Some of you returned to my life because of Facebook. Others just stopped for a casual look and that was fun, too. But most of you make your presence known to me on the daily and that had nothing to do with this site. It was a matter of time before Facebook found itself in this position of backlash and deletion.

I won’t be going quietly into the night. My will to speak — and write — is too great. Instagram remains in place (@i_am_jorge_carreon). My YouTube channel is also very much an option I plan to explore further.

As for my online diary (not a blog!), it is going to be renamed. The diary of an angry, hungry, fat, gay, Mexican is no more. Oh, I’m still all those things, but I’d rather just use my name for its domain: www.iamjorgecarreon.com.

As for the title of this revised page?  “Written by Jorge Carreón” always had a nice ring to it.

Whether it’s here or on Instagram, I hope you all decide to follow along.

Speak your truth, friends and fellow citizens. I sure as hell will continue doing the same.




IG: @I_Am_Jorge_Carreon



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2 thoughts on “Written by Jorge Carreón

  1. I just read that social media browsing causes the brain to release the stress hormone, cortisol, while face to face human and animal interaction causes the brain to release oxytocin, otherwise known as the most powerful natural opioid, so… Hope to see you soon! I need the drugs!

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