Driving through the streets of Los Angeles is like watching a mini-documentary that changes on the daily.  My morning commute, like so many others, will dictate my mood for the day.  You have to brace yourself for the world moving before you, whether pedestrian, motorist, bicyclist, scooterist or whatever is using more than two feet.  It can be inspiring, enraging, hilarious, tragic, surprising, or a combination of all.   If I didn’t have my scores of iTunes playlists (no Spotify for me), I don’t know what I’d do to stem the surge of emotions triggered at every stop light or freeway entrance.

I was making my way through Koreatown today when a track from Cyndi Lauper’s 2008 album release Bring Ya to the Brink broke free from the archive of songs on my iPhone.

“Set Your Heart” is a classic disco homage, featuring lyrics that ring true to what I’m feeling these days, propelled by a beat that makes you want to dance as if no one is watching you under a mirrorball. I played it five times in a row, smiling a little broader with each fade out.

Music may not always cure what ails you, but it sure helps a brother out in his time of need.

Play it loud. Play it proud.

I wonder what tomorrow’s soul soothing track will be?
When your heart is beating black and blue
And a cold world’s looking back at you
When you’re fading low around the bend
Go on turn around you’ll see me
I will always be your friend

Set your heart free
Set your heart free

Said you can’t say much about today
Just that dark cloud coming back your way
And that your dreams are all worn thin
Well, you better stop with all that talk
Before it all starts happening

Set your heart free
Listen to your heart

When your heart is beating black and blue
And the old world’s knocking down on you
And you’re starting to become unglued
Don’t go there, come on, you know i love you
Set your heart free [Repeats]

Written by Cyndi Lauper, Richard Morel, Victor Carstarphen, Gene McFadden, and John Whitehead

Produced by Cyndi Lauper and Richard Morel

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