Emmys So White: People of Color Shut Out Acting Categories – Variety

No people of color won any major acting categories at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, despite a record number of nominees.
— Read on variety.com/2021/awards/news/no-poc-win-acting-emmys-diversity-mj-rodriguez-michael-k-williams-1235068182/

We need to ask ourselves as POC whether or not we exist in the Hollywood community to win prizes or get our work seen by a larger audience? Last year was an extraordinary year for television. The diversity of narratives was truly inspiring and empowering. The conversation cannot be mired into a bog of hashtags because a voting board chose to honor the safest and most marketable shows to win more subscribers or network viewers. It speaks more to their lack of courage, conviction, and vision of that group.

The worlds of Lovecraft Country, WandaVision, Pose, and I May Destroy You have been opened up a landscape for a new generation of viewer. They will champion these artists and, hopefully, want to become one. The awards voting groups will either die on their sword or evolve as more POC become part of that process. Same for the industry executive suites. For real diversity to exist, we need to be making those creative and business decisions, too. Until then, keep on writing, directing, designing, crewing, and performing what feels right and true. The stories of us must continue!

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