Trump sues Hillary Clinton and DNC, alleging conspiracy to link his campaign to Russia – CNNPolitics

Former President Donald Trump filed a sprawling federal lawsuit on Thursday against Hillary Clinton and people allegedly involved with opposition research in 2016, accusing them of conspiring to vilify the then-Republican presidential candidate and cripple his campaign.
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Is this all Trump knows how to do? Sur his way into our consciousness?

Is this all his supporters care to know about world politics?! The irony that Russian influence on his life and political “career” is all in up in his face.

Worse, we are at a global crossroads with Russia, threatening the stability of the world with their vicious war. But sure, Trump is there, waving ANOTHER law suit to make it all about HIM.

I’m tired of watching yet another episode of “Donald Trump: Professional Victim.”

Aren’t we all tired yet?

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